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Its so straight forward.

  • You fill our screening form with the essential information and links.

  • We advise you whether your project or startup is suitable for INVSTDIN Raise or not. In case your project or startup doesn't qualify we advise you on what you need to complete before opting in for INVSTDIN Raise.

  • Subject to acceptance and onboarding. We run across INVSTDIN's entire listed Investors, VCs, and Funds databases globally of more than 5000 investors and funds.

  • We filter and pick the right investors, VCs, and Funds that match your

    • startup stage

    • sector

    • ticket size

    • Region.

  • We send you a list of  the qualified investors, VCs, and Funds globally which your startup matches their mandates and thesis, and you choose which ones you want to have your deal furnished to.

  • We send the qualified investors, VCs, and Funds your pitch deck, memo, valuation, ticket size, website, founder's linkedin profile, and your focus market/region.

  • You get directly in touch with the ones who are interested in your startup or project.

  • We follow up on the deal flow management and investor relations with all the qualified and vetted leads.

Rate: $7000 (*Subject to acceptance. Not all projects or startups get accepted for this offering.)

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Need help? Give us a shout here on Whats App, or email us here

Amounts we have raised before:

From $25K to $160 mils

Duration: From 24 hrs to 1 month

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